Warehousing in Europe and Russia

At the disposal of BTG group there are own warehouses in the Russian Federation, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. BTG offers a full range of safekeeping services in Russia and Europe.

We will provide:

The partnership with BTG International Spedition Ltd. provides producers and trade companies with the most effective logistics. Using standardized processes and unified IT systems allows customers to maximize the benefits of our warehouse logistics services. Rendering of warehouse services is carried out in full conformity with individual requirements of clients and law. In particular we store cargos in accordance with sanitary standards, including control of temperature and humidity.

Warehouse services in the countries of Europe and the CIS include various storage systems:

pallet, manual and automated systems

shelf and console racks

non-rack system and gravity flow racking, etc.

It is also possible to combine systems and adjust them in order to optimally match the storage conditions of particular goods.

Goals of the company:

Optimize and automate the import and export of products of our customers

Assist our clients to provide a high level of physical distribution and comply with international standards

Help our partners to concentrate fully on business and production development, entrusting logistics to professionals of BTG International Spedition

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